Small Business Feel – Enterprise Capability

Founded in 1978, Parker Staffing quickly became the premier staffing agency in the Greater Seattle Area. As we aided in the expansion of our client’s businesses, they began to develop staffing needs across the country. To better serve our clients, we grew our company and expertise to provide hiring solutions nationwide.

Experience a True Partnership

Customer service is at the forefront of our approach. Clients come to us with an initial hiring need but continue to work with Parker long after the first hire is made. It is because of the relationships we build with our clients that many have been with us for 15+ years. Our clients continue to choose us for the white-glove service and personal touch we deliver. This level of respect and communication extends to candidates as well as clients. We have seen many contractors placed in roles through Parker grow into executive leadership positions at their companies and continue their partnerships with us as clients! It is exciting for us to support individuals throughout their careers by providing them with their next opportunities.


Continuous Improvement

As a technologically advanced organization, we outperform other agencies without losing what is most important: the human connection. At Parker, we utilize advanced search tools to comb through an expansive pool of candidates to quickly provide a curated slate for review. We use automation and AI to assist with the backend and administrative tasks so our team can dedicate time to what matters most to us: building meaningful relationships with our clients and candidates.


Tenured Employees Reflect Our Commitment and Values

We are grateful to have a team of incredible staffing professionals who have chosen to grow their careers at Parker. Members of our executive team have worked together for over a decade! Our employee tenure is a representation of the commitment we hold to our values.
Our dedication to Others First is also shown in our charitable contributions. Both Parker Staffing and our parent company, Jackson Healthcare, are devoted to supporting our communities and those less fortunate. Through foundations, volunteer hours, and monetary donations matched dollar for dollar, our support includes: the Amara Family Organization for foster children, Food Lifeline that provides food to more than 350 food banks, shelters and meal programs across Western Washington, the AIDS walk, and many other organizations that our team members value and serve on an individual basis.