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Our Culture

One of the many things that makes Parker Staffing unique and special is our focus on a work environment where each individual has the opportunity to thrive both personally and professionally. Our experience has proven that with each individual’s combined success, is the recipe for consistent and significant organizational growth.

Our values are both empowering and demanding as they orient us to embrace others’ perspectives, carefully consider long-term impacts, and “fail up” to keep growing personally and professionally.

The more we clearly demonstrate these values in our interactions with our customers, stakeholders, and each other, the more successful we will be in accomplishing our mission of helping businesses thrive by connecting people with their purpose.

Our Values

Our values are the foundation of our cultural strength. We apply these as
our guide for behaviors and decision-making:

Others First

Others First

Others first means thinking about the needs of others before your own, recognizing the value of each individual and treating others as you would like to be treated.



Wisdom is the discernment to determine the best methods to achieve the best objectives - knowing which actions to take to achieve goals and determining which goals are worth achieving.



Growth is the journey of continuing to get better in all that you do and striving to be the best you can be at all times.


Parker Work Environment

Parker offers a hybrid work environment, although many of our associates work remote 100% of the time. The new work environment can be difficult to build a connected team, but we have found a few secrets to success.

Number 1

The first is to start our weekdays with each other. It gives us a chance to check in, review open orders, provide HR insights, or share operational updates.

Number 2

The second is to bring us together as a team as often as possible. Our annual All Company Meeting brings the team to Seattle where we have the chance to learn, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. From Seahawks games, TopGolf, and karaoke, to volunteering support for our local community, we are sharing experiences and creating memories.

Number 3

And third, we invest in each other through monthly teambuilding and training events. Continuing to grow as a team allows us to grow as a company together.