Programmatic Solutions to Fill High-Volume Hiring Needs

Contact Centers | Product, Sales & Back Office Support | Customer Service

With over 25 years of providing full-service hiring solutions for project, peak season, and on-going new hire programs, we have developed the strategy and processes to deliver top talent on time to meet your target hiring dates. Our agile staffing models are designed to quickly fill volume positions with quality candidates, while reducing turnover and stabilizing your operations. Your program will be customized to your hiring needs and brand strategy, while ensuring that we identify candidates that care about your business as much as you do.

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Our Proprietary Formula


Volume Hiring

In addition to providing support in contact center environments, we assist clients with expansion strategies, volume classes, moving locations, and more for a variety of roles and industries.

  • Banking:

    - Loan Officers
    - Contact Center Reps

  • Gaming:

    - Customer Service
    - Operations Support

  • Nonprofit:

    - Project Staff
    - Community Support

  • Various Industries:

    - Collections Specialists
    - Back-Office Personnel


How We Achieve Success for Our Clients

We are proud of the impact we have made for our clients and the future of their businesses!

Our case studies help provide insight on what Parker Staffing can do for you.

Benefit From Our In-Depth Understanding of Call Center Management

Along with our deep-rooted history in staffing and recruiting, we are experts in customer service and contact center operations, as well. This cross-functional experience comes from members of our sales and recruiting teams along with executive leadership. To effectively serve our clients in this space requires domain expertise and a keen understanding of their unique environments and challenges. Leading Parker’s customer experience team, our VP Jenn Brown employs her 20+ years of working in call center management. Drawing on her experience and first-hand knowledge, Parker Staffing’s team works one-on-one with clients to provide solutions that help ensure their hiring goals and retention targets are achieved.