Consumer Services Case Study

Increasing Hires 5x Through Enhanced Candidate Engagement

Using Tailored Messaging & Custom Forms to Keep Candidates Progressing Through the Hiring Process

  • Challenge:

    An industry-leading pet services technology company needed to staff up their contact center quickly to accommodate rapidly increasing customer demand. Having laid off a significant portion of their workforce in 2020, they were faced with hiring new agents that had to reside in a specific geography where the market was highly competitive. They also just lost their primary recruiter, and their recruiting team was maxed out.

  • Solution:

    Parker created a comprehensive target profile based on key attributes and client must-haves. We then developed an end-to-end candidate journey to attract pet lovers with the desired attributes. Our messaging centered on Lord Puffington—a lovable fuzzball who just wanted to take naps and guide candidates to his humans. Using custom forms and messaging tools, we pulled candidates through the hiring process across multiple platforms, keeping them engaged until they reached a recruiter for their formal interview.

  • Results:

    Prior to partnering with Parker, the company had hired only three candidates in one month. Within five months, Parker had generated a pipeline of over 500 candidates and made 82 placements, increasing their hire rate by 5x.