Gaming Case Study

Leveling Up with Full-Service, On-Site Programs

Relieving Strain on Internal Resources Through Custom Training & Development Programs

  • Challenge:

    An industry powerhouse video game company needed to create more business agility and flexibility within their contact center staffing models to account for seasonal fluctuations. They also wanted to ensure ongoing growth and development for staff without placing the burden on internal leadership.

  • Solution:

    Parker developed and implemented a comprehensive onsite program to recruit, onboard, and manage performance for hundreds of contract employees across phone (English, Spanish, French, Portuguese), chat, and back-office roles. Our dedicated leadership and support staff built customized training and development programs, enabling contractors to gain new skills and elevate to more senior-level roles. We also created numerous engagement and morale-boosting events to increase retention and performance.

  • Results:

    Parker has been their go-to partner for over 20 years, with over 5,000 placements made. This includes annual peak seasons every Q4 that typically add an additional 200+ contractors through the fall and holidays.